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The History of A Well Loved Brand

For over years, hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe have fallen in love with Grace Cosmetics. Formulated with the very best natural and botanical ingredients, along with certified organic aloe vera, these unique products have established themselves as some of the best on the market. We are proud to provide all Australians with beautiful skin care that is 100% owned and manufactured right here on our home soil.

Grace Cosmetics started with just seven skincare products

Grace Cosmetics started with just seven Aloe Vera based skincare products

Beginning the collection with only 7 skincare products, 4 therapeutics and the glamour range, Grace Cosmetics has certainly developed in size over the years to become the much loved brand that it is today.

Natural & Botanical

Unlike most leading brand skin care products, the number one ingredient used in all Grace Cosmetics Products is Certified Organic Aloe Vera rather than water (listed as aqua on product ingredients). The reason Grace Cosmetics is so unique is that when this high content of Aloe Vera is combined with our natural and botanical ingredients, you get lasting results... Age-defying benefits, lightened age-spots, decreases in fine line and wrinkles, stimulation of collagen production and reductions in pigmentation.

Grace promises to be a brand you can trust, a brand you can rely on and a brand you will enjoy using. With Grace Cosmetics, you can enjoy seeing and feeling the results instantly. After all, the one thing every woman wants from skin care is to see the results.

View our full Ingredients Glossary here

How We Ensure Our Skincare Is Always Cruelty Free

Here at Grace, we love animals and are 100% free from all animal testing. We believe testing cosmetics products on animals is completely unethical.

Many companies test their products on animals to measure the levels of skin irritation. Due to genetic differences between animals and humans, these tests are of course not only inhumane, but also inaccurate.

We refuse to test any of our products on animals and are committed to Humane Practices to test the safety of our products.

Cruelty free cosmetics and skincare

Other companies claim they test on animals to establish the safety of their products and ingredients for consumers. However, the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia which governs the safety of cosmetics products does not require animal testing, and alternative testing methods are widely available and lead to more reliable results. We believe in these alternate methods of testing and thoroughly research each of our ingredients prior to using them in our much loved formulations.

Why We Use Only The Best Food Grade Preservatives

Preservatives are important in controlling and preventing the growth of micro-organisms in cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals which can adversely affect the health of consumers. We use a food grade preservative system that is safe and naturally derived where ever possible.

The Importance Of Sustainable Palm Oil

Whilst Grace Cosmetics and Pro-Ma Systems is not a significant user of either palm oil or palm oil derivatives, we recognise the concerns regarding the ecological impacts of palm oil production. The issue has been raised that rainforest habitats of endangered wildlife, including orangutans, are being cleared to accommodate for new oil palm plantations. The geographical areas of particular concern are Borneo and Sumatra in South East Asia.

We only source palm oil from well established plantations

Grace Cosmetics and Pro-Ma Systems only source suppliers who procure palm oil from outside Borneo or Sumatra using well-established plantations, many of which would have been converted from existing rubber plantations over two decades ago. As such, there are no implications of present or planned rainforest destruction in these areas.

We ensure our suppliers are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a not-for-profit global association formally established under Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. By taking a multi-stakeholder approach, the Roundtable provides a unique forum for the pragmatic co-operation, consideration and promotion of sustainable production and use of palm oil.

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